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December 2011 Community Foods and Crafts Swap

This was a huge swap… I believe we had over fifty different types of items, and more then 15 swappers.  It was fabulous! All word of mouth, the best way. Creative/foodie types always stick together!

I am one of the swap coordinators along with my friend (and the person who inspired our the Homemade Swappers of Sarasota) Liz. We set up an area where we have sign-ins, with nametags and little swap papers. These are used for the silent auction aspect of our swaps. We have different tables for foods, crafts and the potluck.

To decorate we bring tablecloths, playsilks, scarves, vases etc, and its all casual and informal, beautiful and fun.

At 10:30 we officially begin, with about a half-hour of time for setting up and filling out the papers (name, item and suggested use on each, with room for offers or “bids” below). When everyone is looking settled in, we open up the potluck/sign-up portion of the swap. That takes from 11-12 or so. When everyone looks finished and ready to swap we announce that new transition. The swap is casual and so lovely. The best and most common feedback I hear is that everyone leaves with more then they came with. That, to me is just the most beautiful aspect of the swap. As one swapper told me, making a batch of something is simple, but to make six different things to enjoy would be impossible. And it is SO TRUE! I don’t have the time, energy or knowledge to create everything I can swap for, and it is lovely not to have to.

I highly encourage you to start or find a swap in your area. We hold ours every other month, on a Saturday morning. Many swaps are food only, but for this swap we began accepting crafts for trading as well. It was a big hit, and will be repeated at each swap.

I brought to trade: little zipper quilted bags, some jewelry, homemade panang curry paste, handspun yarn, and lemons. I think i’m forgetting something… but those are the highlights I suppose.

And here is what I went home with:

I recieved: a pen and ink framed drawing, a vanilla sugar scrub, a felt play crown, cloth hankies, keifer lime leaves, handmade cards, apple-cider toffee, a vintage fat quarter fabric bundle, a giraffe baby rattle, backyard grapefruit, strawberry jam, backyard tangerine marmalade, tovetop potperi mix, echinasia/elderberry tincture, felt flower headband, fabric gift bags, a peace on earth stained glass ornament and a binecone birdfeeder.



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